Monday, February 9, 2015

Reilly Elementary: Opera for All- A Terrific Tale

Megan Besley- Opera for All Teaching Artist

A picture was drawn by a student, outside of OFA time, for his own pleasure. We were very impressed! It inspired a slideshow made up of dinosaur drawings by all of the students that was part of our Winter Showcase. We hope he submits a drawing for the T-shirt contest!

The teachers and students at Reilly are a dream. The students are always excited to see us and greet us with hugs. They groan in disappointment when the sessions are over, and reluctantly get back to the business of school. Their enthusiasm shines through in the work they are doing.

They've created two wonderful stories, one set in a mall, and one in a karaoke salad bar, with colorful characters and ridiculous and comedic situations. We thoroughly enjoyed watching them create their melody for the song, using numbers. They had very good editing skills and a good ear for what worked and what didn't.

The final product is something they are quite proud of. I look forward to hearing their ideas about costumes, sets and props, assigning the leading roles, and starting to put it all together. I know that their final product will be something they will remember for a long time!