Friday, February 3, 2012

Composing Wrap Up

Ben Hjertmann, COT Teaching Artist - Composer

It was my last day at Reilly Elementary with Opera for All. The kids seemed re-inspired today and we started out swinging with their song about being accepted to college. We tightened up what we already had and continued to add new material. Then we went back to the classic "Lost in New York," where the kids really let their R&B/Soul side come out. We ended the day composing a short riff for Emilia's Poem "New York City". With their eyes closed, the students voted on moods and came up with a short melody to introduce each new stanza.

It was a distinct pleasure to work with this organization and particularly with this group of students. They've got a lot of heart, and it comes through in their ideas. Their making a really high-quality show here! I would have loved this kind of thing when I was their age. I still do.

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