Monday, April 30, 2012

Reilly Elementary, Dancing Maniacs!

Amanda Compton, COT Teaching Artist at Reilly Elementary School

This week has been an incredibly energetic and exciting week at Reilly! We learned dances to "Without you" by David Guetta/feat.Usher, and "Wild Ones" by Flo Rida, with choreography by the lovely and talented Devery McCoy. After many weeks of intense focus on writing our script and composing our songs as a group, having some days that were entirely physical really helped the kids let loose. Their energy skyrocketed every time the music played, and they all really put forth their best effort to learn these challenging moves. We had a great moment where we paused from our dance practice and sat in a circle. Ms. Linden asked the kids how they felt about dancing, whether they like it or not and why, and what their favorite move is from the dances so far. As we went around the circle, almost everyone said they love dancing, and even like to dance at home in their rooms for fun! Even the two girls who said they did not like dancing admitted that they were glad to being trying something new. The most popular move was the "Justin Bieber" move, involving some very complex hand movements with coordinating legs. Come see the show (June 8th) to witness the astounding dexterity and vivaciousness of the Reilly students!

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