Friday, November 9, 2012

Violin classes at Reilly

Amanda Grimm, Violin Teacher
Violin classes at Reilly have gotten off to a great start!  These first weeks we practiced rhythms, sang melodies, and learned about the different parts of the violin.  We also made cardboard violins out of cereal boxes and decorated them to look like real instruments! 
Over the next few weeks, we will learn how to hold our "practice violins" as well as the bow. All of the students have been doing very well and I am excited for the months ahead!

The students' favorite part thus far has definitely been decorating their violins but a few have expressed excitement over learning to hold the instrument and practicing.  In order to learn to hold the bow properly, we have met our "bunny friends."  Our bunny friends are the shapes we make with our right hand in order to approach the bow hold.  We have also gotten to the point where a lot of the students can hold their instruments with no hands! This is a critical step as we move forward to prepare for the use of wood instruments.

We have practiced two different rhythms, the 'Mississippi-Stop-Stop' rhythm and the 'Strawberry-Blueberry' rhythm.  We are also learning the song "This is My Violin."

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