Thursday, December 6, 2012

All Students see an Operetta, Knightly News!

Linden Christ, Manager of Education and Outreach and Founder of Chicago Opera Playhouse
Every year, all of our schools look forward to seeing an operetta or musical at their school performed just for the students!   It is not just for the Opera for All (OFA) students, but a rare experience that the entire school gets to share.  This year, Chicago Opera Playhouse performed the brand new operetta, Knightly News by Jonathan Stinson.  The OFA students worked several weeks with their teaching artists to practice the finale chorus which they joined in singing with the professionals at the end of the show.   School pride was bubbling over for the students when they were able to perform in front of the whole school.    Their schoolmates were proud of them and equally as enamored by the opera.

Providing students with the opportunity to see an opera in their own school setting is very rewarding.  The students are comfortable and enjoy the performance wholly.  No one was able to keep quiet the entire time, but were chattering quietly about their favorite part, the storyline, and what they thought was funny.  For many of the students, this was their first time to see an opera and will help prepare them to watch their peers in the Opera For All program at their Spring opera performance.  

The partnership between Chicago Opera Theater's Opera for All program and Chicago Opera Playhouse is one I hope continues as it enriches the students' and actors' lives equally.  
About the Show:
Knightly News is an operatic news broadcast of the woes of Prince Charming and his Tri-kingdom state of affairs, including his own search for a princess, a missing Grandmother, and frighteningly strong winds that are blowing down houses in the land. This fun-filled show had the entire student body talking about fairy-tales and humming melodies for weeks to come!

The students favorite parts included the Wolf playing maracas and interrupting Prince Charming's solo.   Everyone was laughing when the character broke the 4th wall during the chase scene when the students had to protect Little Red Riding Hood & Pyg from that Big Bad Wolf.    They survived with a quick swipe of the slipper thanks to the Wolf that knocked the Prince straight to the floor!

To learn more about Knightly News and to schedule a performance for the children in your life visit:

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