Monday, November 4, 2013

Reilly and Hampton's Lyrical Success

Justin Callis, OFA Teaching Artist

The past few weeks, our students had a special guest artist from Young Chicago Authors, Ms. Essie Linzy.  She worked with the students on lyric writing and poetry.  All of the students loved listening to her share her own poetry, and were very inspired by the video they had watched from Louder Than a Bomb.  When Ms. Linzy asked the students about the Chicago Fire, it was very clear all of the students really took advantage of their trip to the Chicago History Museum; they were filled with facts  and ideas, and really put their knowledge to good use.  Watching her work with the students, it was really clear she had a passion for both rhyme and imagination, and she coaxed and encouraged both out of all of our students.  

At Reilly, their teacher Ms. Drakulich was really impressed.  She told me how obvious it was that the students were really getting it, and that they were clearly having a ton of fun learning about writing.  In fact, that class was so enthusiastic about Ms. Linzy and her poem, they requested an encore performance of it at the end of class!  I know all of the students are so enthusiastic about continuing the writing process, and I am sure we will have a pile of wonderfully creative, imaginative operas about Chicago History and Jazz by the end of the school year.  I can't wait!

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