Tuesday, November 15, 2016

COT for Teens at Senn, Solorio, and Goode.

Emily Stonier, Education Intern

Over the past weeks, I have had the pleasure of visiting our COT for Teens program at three different high schools. I have been blown away by the talent I have seen in the students, as well as the passion and love they have for their art! Today, I'm going to give you a little break down of how all of our musical theater productions are going!

Solorio - Shrek

It’s always a blast to get to sit in on a rehearsal at Solorio! Currently, they’re working away at Shrek the musical, and they’re even ahead of schedule. They’ve got the entire show choreographed up until the first half, and the smiles of genuine joy on each student’s face is enough to make you know just how much fun each one of them is having. 

A few reasons Solorio Rehearsals are awesome:
  1. Shrek’s music! - You just can’t help but sing along and dance to all of these catchy melodies
  2. The friendships among the cast - During each break all the students have SO much fun talking with each other and forming relationships. It’s so exciting to watch life-long friendships being made.
  3. Choreography?! - I can’t tell you how awesome it is to see the songs finally coming to life! It’s been so cool to see the students transitioning from singing in chairs to standing up and acting the songs out through dances.
Goode - Little Shop of Horrors

What a unique and exciting show to be a part of! I can’t wait until the costumes and sets are made for this one, because I can already tell they’re going to be brilliant! it’s been awesome watching all of these student’s grow in their abilities through this process! We’re watching once shy students sing in new ranges, and improv the most creative scenes. 
A few reasons Goode rehearsals are awesome:
  1. Drama games, drama games, drama games! - It seems that Goode has an endless amount of fun at the beginning of each rehearsal. Every week I get to watch the student’s improv scenes and stories, play name games, and do all sorts of other fun stuff. It’s so exciting to see what they’ll come up with each week.
  2. Acting - blocking and line - reading has been the name of the game these last few weeks. It’s so fun to see the students not only reading their roles, but bringing them to life on stage! I am so excited to see what this show will look like when it is finished!
  3. A different kind of show! - I mean a show with a giant man-eating plant?! If that doesn’t excite you, I don’t know what will!
Senn - Legally Blonde

I have absolutely loved being able to be a part of one of my most favorite musicals! It is so exciting to watch students getting to study such a well written show. Let me tell you, I would have never thought a high school could do such a wonderful show justice, but Senn has sure proved me wrong. I’ve loved watching the students dance, sing, and act and I am so excited to see what the end result will look like!
A few reasons Senn rehearsals are awesome:
  1. Acting Cubes! - I was amazed and excited to see students working with acting cubes. As students climb on the blocks, and jump back down, the choreography is literally taken to another level. I love watching the levels among the cast.
  2. Voices - I am continually amazed at the talent I see at Senn. It is so exciting to see students sing so well! I can see their love for the words they sing in their eyes, and I can hear it in their well-trained voices.
  3. Facial Expressions - My favorite part of theater is watching actor’s facial expressions. The best way to take a performance to the next level is to not only sing or speak words, but to express them through an actor’s eyes and smile. I've loved getting to see the students at Senn as they apply this principle.

Overall, Our teens are doing such a wonderful job! I cannot sing their praises enough, and I cannot wait to see their shows these next few weeks!

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