Friday, March 24, 2017

Teenagers are my heroes

Josh Stammis, COT for Teens Spring Intern

Teenagers are my heroes. We expect the most out of them (good grades, a job, extracurricular involvement) all the while under-appreciating them. Working with COT for Teens has been an incredible experience for me so far. Teens still haven't lost their vigor for contributing to society in many creative ways. I have had the chance to work along with play directors and students from Nicholas Senn HS, Sarah Goode HS, and Eric Solorio HS. These opening weeks have been an amazing experience because these are the weeks I get to see the most progress. As weeks go on, we polish the act up, but starting from scratch shows how much the teens can improve most dramatically. I am amazed that along with studies, sports, and work, teens keep up a passion for the arts through their commitment to their plays. The directors have also shown incredible leadership and have an amazing passion to see their students succeed in their plays. I have witnessed a lot of progress in these short weeks, and am anxious to see how far they can go by the time they perform. 

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