Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Up! Up! And Away!

Daniel Grambow – Education Assistant, Chicago Opera Theater

I’m sad to say that this will be my last blog post as the Education Assistant for Chicago Opera Theater. Looking back at what we have done in the past three years is a triumph and everyone in the OFA family should know about it.

It has been one of my greatest joys watching this program grow. When I started at COT we had under 500 students involved in the program and now we have grown to over 1200 students. I have seen students come out of their shells. I have helped them sing, dance, act and create some of the most compelling art I have seen in the city. I am proud of them and I am proud of the Opera for All program and I’m convinced that Opera for All is one of the best arts education programs in the city of Chicago.

Much of my job these past few years has been allowing our students the opportunity to feel like what they are creating in Chicago is more than just an assignment but a performance they can feel proud of. We have watched the data and I’m happy to say that the majority of our students have increased confidence, vocabulary and love for the arts.

Some of my favorite memories over the years have ranged from Super-Dino saving the world (and a basketball game), Mr. T’s Crew transporting Abe Lincoln into the future, and watching five hundred students play and create together in Millennium Park. I can’t wait to hear about next year’s performances.

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